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The most advanced DHI FUE hair transplants

IK Clinics Training Academy is the pioneer of DHI FUE hair transplants without the need to shave your hair. DHI FUE is ‌the‌ ‌latest technique for implanting hairs in the skin.

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) has been practiced exclusively by Dr Irum Khan and her team for the past 15 years. 

The advantage of this technique is that the hair is placed in between your existing hairs using titanium implanters. This makes hair transplant discrete, improves hair growth and give natural results.

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Hair transplants With Us

At IK Clinics, we use the 4th generation FUE technique for follicle harvesting. This technique uses a 0.8mm tiny punch so your recovery is quick and comfortable. 

Here is why you should choose IK Clinics:

  • Doctor-Led Clinic – All consultations and treatments are carried out by doctors.  
  • High Density – by using special implanters, hair are placed in skin close together with better precision. 
  • Natural Looking Hairlines – by matching the direction of each implanted hair to your hair, we give you natural looking hair.
  • Quick Recovery – We are masters of using a very small punch to extract hairs. This means skin heals faster.
  • Body Hair Transplants – for patients with limited donor site, we use their body hairs to fill in bald areas. 
  • Discrete – we are accustomed to treating patients who are in the public eye and carry out hair transplant procedures that are minimally visible after operation.

non shave DHI FUE

We have modified our hair transplant surgery to suit your life style!

Only at IK Clinics, you can have a hair transplant without the need to shave your hair. This technique is called Undetectable FUE or U FUE.

It is an outstanding innovation in the field of hair restoration. This technique is performed by only a handful of surgeons worldwide and Dr Irum Khan is one of them. 

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20 years hair transplant experience

20+ Years Experience

Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing you with the best possible solutions. We are proud to announce that with 22 years of experience and nearly 10,000 satisfied customers, our surgeons have mastered the skills for creating natural-looking hairlines and turning insecurities into smiles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you prepare for your up coming treatment, we have put together answers to common questions.  If your question is not in the list, call us on +44 (116) 2707388 or drop us an email on   

Thankfully, the answer is No! An FUE hair transplant is not a painful procedure. Patients have commented how pain free and relaxing the entire day has been.
At IK Clinics DHI FUE is done under sedation and by numbing the skin. It means that you are awake but do not feel any pain. This does not mean there is absolutely no discomfort. Tiny needles are used to freeze the skin and these may sting a bit at the start. Also, you have to stay in couch a few hours at a time which most people don’t mind but some find it cumbersome.

Only at IK Clinics you can have a hair transplant without the need to shave your hair with the technique of U-FUE (or Undetectable FUE) in which there is no need for the patient to shave any part of their head prior to the procedure.

It is an outstanding innovation in the field of hair restoration. This  technique is performed by only a handful of surgeons worldwide and is very advanced in terms of the skill.

Unfortunately no! No, you cannot have donor hair donated by your best friend. That would be nice, but your body would reject the follicles just as if he were donating a kidney. We can only transplant a person’s own hair. 

It is important to stress that there is no such thing as “scarless hair transplant surgery”. However a great benefit of the FUE hair transplant technique is that any scarring is minimal. Whereas the FUT technique leaves a long scar, an FUE transplant performed by a reputable surgeon leaves only a series of tiny dots on the scalp, which should be scarcely noticeable. Also, the extent of scarring can depend on a person’s skin type and healing ability.

At IK Clinics, we advise our patients, to spray their newly transplanted hairs for the first 3 days with a saline spray that we will provide you. You can usually start washing your hair from fourth day after your hair transplant.

Most of our patients can start gym 7 day after a DHI hair transplant at IK Clinics. However, we suggest that you avoid contact sports like sparring for 14 days after an FUE hair transplant.

Since each individual is different and their skin heals at different rates. Some people may have an oily or flaky scalp prone to spots. We suggest that you avoid putting any products in your hair until your follow up appointment with your surgeon which will be 7-9 days after your hair transplant surgery. 

Most people can have a hair cut 7-10 days after an FUE procedure at IK Clinics. Advise your hair dresser to use scissors on the top for the first month. At the back and sides of the head, they can use either clippers or scissors. 

Since IK Clinics specialise in non shave direct hair implantation, half of our patients are women. Some ladies may prefer to have to plasma therapy to strengthen their hair.